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to pleasure oneself by tugging and pulling on one's dick.
while watching Brazilian fart porn i was jerkin'the gherkin.
#spank the monkey #choke the chicken #masturbation #jerking off #jacking off
by Mac Jacob July 06, 2008
a verb used to describe a rough anal orgy, usually between two men.
BRAD: dude you gave me awesome cowboy buttsex, and now i wont shit right for a week

Zak: Thanks Brad, i am pretty good
#anal sex #anal rape #sodemy #fag sex #bunghole pleasures
by mac jacob July 10, 2008
a noun used to describe the size of a shit that is so big it would tear your asshole. other vehicles can be used to describe poop size.
ie: beamer, hummer, subway
mac: hey jake i'm on the john minivaning!
jake: is your asshole bleeding?
#poop #shit #dump #dookie #the runs
by Mac Jacob July 07, 2008
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