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Excl. Phrase. A term used when particularly angry about something, usually relating to extreme grief on the toilet.

Verb. When one defecates and the spashback comes right back up the butthole, and then said person defecates again, thereby "pisshitting."

Verb. When one has a rather runny case of diarrhea that is more liquid than it is solid, much like plasma, butt less like diarrhea. You know, like when you have WAY too much greasy food and you get the shits. THAT's pisshitting.

Noun. The aforementioned kind of pisshitting where one has a runny case of the shits.

Noun (gerund). The act of pisshitting.
1. Aw, pisshit!

2.Although he was extremely careful to position his buttock on the porcelain throne, Tom's pisshitted all over himself, to which he exclaimed, "Aw, pisshit! There goes my sangwich!"

3. Tom leaned that when he pisshits, he needs to bring a couple towels with him to clean up the loose debris and utter destruction.

4. Tom's pisshit came out much like a Covenant plasma rifle, with unbridled energy and sonic fury. Unlike a plasma rifle, however, Tom's pisshit was more brown.

5. Tom pisshitted.
by Mac (Not Mic) March 26, 2010

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