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Searching, finding and flirting with people on the internet, preferably people who you don't know, live absolutely nowhere near you, and you have no intention of meeting them in person (even though you tell them you plan on doing so). This has been linked very closely with misleading those unfortunate persons into thinking you are in "true love" with them.

This act has been named after a certain 'male' of whom indulges into this act frequently with several of the female gender across the internet simultaneously

Also used to describe an act of being so up your own arse, so big-headed and thinking every girl that glances at you, fancy you!
'"Yo dude, av u gt ny randm gals addys? am wel up 4 doin sum ashing 2nite"'

'"hey, met my girlfriend on facebook"
"have you actually met her? i mean in person?"
"no, but she says we will, we're deeply in true love"
"mate, i feel for you, she's ashing you!"

'"that girl well fancies me"
"shes 8 years old! stop ashing!"'
by MY DYING DUCKY January 27, 2008
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