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MUSE = Music Usually Sung for the Educateds

in plain words for those who first hear/come across this word - YOU ARE STILL A FOOL TILL YOU LISTEN TO MUSE!!!

upon listening to MUSE, your lives will never be the same. the music is nerve wrecking, the lyrics are thought provoking. Matt B and Co. want their fans to think critically, to challenge oneselves, to not waste our time, to give our best, to change the world, to fight for our rights, to pursue for the betterment of human beings.

MUSE is a new religion for those who worship Mat B and Co. as Gods.

MUSE is a new world order for those who relate the lyrics close to the politics at home.

MUSE for LIFE!!!
What a MUSE they are.

They ARE indeed MUSE.

That MUSE are unusually humane. wait, they cant be human right?
by MUSEworshipper March 21, 2010

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