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1 definition by MSOE ROCKS

MSOE stands for the Milwaukee School of Engineering. MSOE has been around since 1903...so over a hundred years of success. It has a 98% placement rate within the student's respective major. It is a university where you work hard, but one where you make life-long friends. Those who don't make it through tend to find blame in the university rather than look introspectively. Only you can choose the level of success you will have at MSOE!
Student: Not sure why I am struggling at MSOE?
Counselor: Are you partying a lot and not keeping up with the studies?
Student: Partying a few times a week, hanging out with friends, doing lots of social things...but in H.S. I was able to smooze my way with the teachers...that doesn't seem to work at MSOE.
Counselor: Well, enjoy your transfer to a public school.
by MSOE ROCKS March 24, 2008
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