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A condition seen in the male gender when his testicles physically begin to shrivel up and die, and he is unwilling or unable to make any decisions for himself. This condition occurs when a male's will and drive is overun by a female, and the male sits back and lets it happen.
Vagaphalactic Shock in action.
Foreman: Sorry guys... that was my chick she wants me to come home so we can go to garden world.

Guys: WTF!

Foreman: OMG! something is happening... MY BALLS THEY ARE SHRINKING!!

Guy 1: Holy shit!! he's going into Vagaphalactic Shock, quick get some vaginephrine!!

GUY 1: I KNEW It!! ITS VAGAPHALACTIC SHOCK!!...Hurry hit him with 200cc of Vaginephrine!!
by MSD Mike September 10, 2007

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