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A puddle found on the ground that consists of snot, saliva, spilled drinks and/or other substances (beverages) coming from the nose caused by a laughing group of people. These laughing people are usually in a circle-like formation in order to create a round puddle.
I was walking behind a group of loud teenagers and suddenly found myself almost stepping into a laughter puddle. Gross.
#gross #laughing #teens #haha #nose #water #puddles
by MRSLaileeSimeriCravens.IWish:) March 14, 2010
Hot On Love. This simple texting abbreviation is used to make fun(but not insulting usually) of the one who is in love.
Girl A: ...And he is jus sooo cute! He makes me laff all da time. U shoud c his cute hair and, oh his eyes!!!....

Girk B: Oh, well, SOMBODY is HOL.
#love #happy #texting #text #in love
by MRSLaileeSimeriCravens.IWish:) January 03, 2010
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