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A scallywag stiffarm the act of taking your arm and yelling "SCALLYWAG" and pushing that bitches face away from you. you first put ur hand infront of your face, and the make the cry, and then push her away.
It is the most effective way to get rid of a scallywag.
Matt: man that scallywag Amanda wouldn't step out of my shit bro. Asking me where I am, who I'm with, and why i smell like this.
Stephen: where is she now she usually following u around.

Matt: I gave the Scallywag Stiffarm bro. You think she will be back.
Stephen: Not after a good ole Scallywag Stiffarm
by MR. PARKER February 08, 2014
alot like a scallywag (busted, disgusted, and cant be trusted) but they tend to give u a wedgeing feeling in the ass. They will stay in there and they hard to get out.
Matt: I don't understand she gave all the signs of being a scallywag but she still follows me around and ask me for money?
Stephen: My friend what you have is a scallywedge, she will probably tell you she is pregnant next week bro.
Matt: How do I get rid of her
Stephen: A scallywag stiffarm usually does the trick.
by MR. PARKER February 08, 2014

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