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An extremely powerful, noble, and majestic creature that emjoys frolicking in the woods, grazing in fields, and break dancing to old skool hip-hop.
The mighty moose gallops through the woods with great easy.
The moose grazes in the fields as do many of its brethren.
Awwww shit, did you see that moose bust a windmill?
by Moose September 23, 2003
The noise made when driving through a narrow gap at a very high speed.
Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck we're gonna die!
by Moose February 03, 2004
Nothing more than an illusion.
Most people think they have free speech, but they don't.
by Moose September 23, 2003
Wonderful headrests attached to women's chests.
I love resting my head on breasts.
by Moose September 24, 2003
Texas-based band whose albums include:
"The Answers"
"Consent to Treatment"
"History for Sale"
and "Foiled"
The band is known for it's emotional lyrics, outstanding vocals, and often experimental sound, ranging from hard-hitting rock to almost electronic beats.
Blue October Band Members:
Justin Furstenfeld: lead vocals/guitar
CB Hudson: guitars/vocals
Ryan Delahoussaye: violin/mandolin/piano/vocals
Matt Noveskey: bass/vocals
Jeremy Furstenfeld: drums/vocals
by Moose June 17, 2006
I don't know. Literally. It means, I don't know.
Professor: Michael, what is the atomic weight of Uranium?
Michael: I hestiate to articulate for fear that I may deviate from the true course of rectitude.
Professor: What?
Michael: I don't know.
by Moose September 23, 2003
Loved by GOD.
I am, You are, We are Jedidah
by Moose February 10, 2004
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