2 definitions by MMAMaster15

The love handles girls have on their back, they are not very big , it's just slight or medium sized ones, usually found near the lat ( lattisimus dorsi) muscles, most girls hate it, but some guys, mostly hispanic men, usually enjoy their girls to have a little bit of juiciness
Maria: ugh, I'm so fat, look at this
Robert : that's just a little bit of juiciness, your ok
by MMAMaster15 July 19, 2011
Another phrase for "let me see your penis". Mostly used by fathers who want to see their sons penis, but do not want to sound homosexual or pedophile like.
Cesar: Let me see the unit, Omar

Omar: No I'm not gay!
Cesar: C'mon, let me see it
Omar: No! What are you, a pedophile?
by MMAMaster15 July 21, 2011

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