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New Jersey is the epitome of what the United States of America wishes it were as a whole: an affluent, educated, close-knit, and generally safe place to live. We have more millionaires and diners here than anywhere else, and we like it that way. We feel the need to drop the "New" in our name since no one gives a shit about the "old" Jersey across the Atlantic, so fuck them. Accent? Yeah, what's it to ya?--Joisey? Fuck that asshole whoever spread that rumor. The people here are in fact better than anyone in your third-world state since they know you are just a scuzz trying to blindly badmouth the best place on Earth due to pure jealosy. Girls here aren't skanky, and we drive fast because we actually have shit to do, unlike your hillbilly self who sits around playing the banjo or some shit. In conclusion, you wish you were a resident in the greatest state ever concieved.
Person from Pennsylvania: "Your state smells."
-Reply from a real New Jersey resident: "That's because we're stuck next to your hick-ass shithole of a state, so go fuck yourself."

Person from the South: "I'm lost on the Turnpike."
-Reply from a real New Jersey resident: "Turn the fuck around before you drop our statewide IQ 20 points."
by MK Tags March 20, 2008

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