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Millburn Short Hills is a bubble town. We are rich. We are fabulous. And just about every town in a 100 mile radius is pretty damn jealous. There is no poverty, no crime and no riffraff. We live in houses $750,000-6 million and drive Mercedes, beamers, range rovers and every other nice car imaginable. Our biggest concerns in the morning include deciding what color lacoste shirt to wear, and what seven jeans we should pair it with. Not to mention, our high school parking lot rivals that of a Ray Catena dealer. Our school system is practically private, and if you don’t get into an ivy/top 100 college, you might as well move. We shop in the finest boutiques and travel the world every school vacation. We excel in the soccer as well as the country club sports tennis, golf and fencing.

And oh yes,
The people who write that Millburn/Short hills is the armpit of America, well you’re just jealous because you aren’t rich and fabulous.
Millburn Short Hills is the "OC" of the east coast. we know you're jealous.
by MHS SENIORS 06 February 08, 2006
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