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"E.T." Is an abbreviation for "end-transmission"

-it is used on the internet, during Chat talk

- it probably derived from the military, but it does not mean the same thing in context, (... unless you want it to.)

-Its very versatile

- (I am an exchange student in Amsterdam, So no one back home know how awesome it is.... yet!!)

-its awesome b/c it says "Got-to-go" when you really: "HAVE TO GO NOW!"

Number 1:(polite)

Girl101: hey i g2g b4 i am really late for wrk...

Girl101: anything else to say? can we ET?

Bff_ashly86: GO!

Bff_ashly86: ET.

Number 2: (rude)

10:26:35 PM] GfAli_sunshine: …And then she says….
10:26:40 PM] GfAli_sunshine: … So he said…
10:26:45 PM] GfAli_sunshine: THEN I said lol, jk, now way
10:27:47 PM] GfAli_sunshine: No **Way

10:28:00PM] BF_Mike01: uh huh….. hey I gtg..
10:28:00PM] BF_Mike01: ET.
10:28:00PM] BF_Mike01: (is offline….)

Number 3: (Fast & polite)

person 1: ET? ---->(may i go now please?)

person 2: ET. -----> (by all means, do what you must)
by MHE (that's ME) April 10, 2010

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