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By far, Metallica's best album. Every one of the songs is a kickass metal song. Every one of the songs would be the number one song on any other Metallica album (except for the black album and ride the lightning). Of course, master of puppets is a quality song...but
1. Battery
2. (already mentioned) Master of Puppets
3. The Thing That Should Not Be
4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
5. Disposable Heroes
6. Leper Messiah
7. Orion (an orgasmic instrumental)
8. Damage, Inc.

are eight of the best songs ever. period.
If you get a metallica album, get Master of Puppets
by METAL HEALTH! November 17, 2005
I thought the lesser singer of AC/DC until I picked up AC/DC live in which this man gets so into it and screams his head off its truly amazing. Bon Scott is a good singer yes. But pick up AC/DC Live and you will realize that......
Brian Johnson > Bon Scott
by METAL HEALTH! June 14, 2005
Quite the album. Except for one song, all of them are quality. The exception is Fight Fire With Fire. Ya. In my opinion tied for Metallica's second best album with the black album, and behind Master of Puppets. However, It has my two fave Metallica songs being Fade to Black and For Whom the Bell Tolls. But all of the songs are amazin, you just never listen to them. The title song is amazin.
Flash before my eyes, now its time to die!
--Ride the Lightning (the title song)
by METAL HEALTH! November 17, 2005
Among others, the name of Metallica's, in my opinion, tied for second-best album wit Ride the Lightning and behind Master of Puppets. Most people call it a sell-out because it sold a lot but maybe thats just cuz its fucking GOOD man. I mean, Enter Sandman could be one of the greatest songs ever, def in Metallica's top 5. Moreover, ever listen to Dont Tread on Me, Through the Never, Sad But True, The Unforgiven, Nothing Else Matters, Wherever I May Roam...to name a few. Sure a few of the songs o nthe album are shit. But the vast majority are good. I mean they def didnt TRY to sell out, these peoples just found this shit good and so they bought it. You listen to the Black Album and then yyou tell me it sucks. Dont be a tool. Anydangway, Probably the last good album done by Metallica.
1: Yo, homie!!!After cliff burton died, Metallica was teh suck...hehehe its SAD BUT TRUE!!!
METAL HEALTH!: Dumbass you probably read that on urbandictionary.com. You probably havent heard anything on the black album except Enter Sandman. Try making your own descisions
by METAL HEALTH! November 17, 2005
A great genre. Defined by high pitched yet melodious screams, happy go lucky lifestyle and lyrics, etc. And of course the hair....and spray and lipstick etc.
Few things to get straight however
1. Guns N' Roses are not hair metal....even thought htey are a great band. Just because they have long hair does not make them hair metal. If thats how you define it we start to get bands like the Allman Brothers Band being hair metal.Neither are they heavy metal. Thats much harder and mostly crappy music exept for a few great bands (Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, and best of all: etc.) Theyre straight up hard rock.
2. GRUNGE DID NOT FUCKING KILL HAIR METAL!! Holy fucking shit....no one of any influence likes grunge anyway so how the hell could they kill hair metal????? MT fucking V and the rest of the mainstream media stopped playing them......most generally considered guns n' roses to be hair metal so they got all offended at songs like "one in a million".....WHICH DOESNT HAVE THAT BAD LYRICS OMFG!!!!! oh maybe he says the n-word once...try listening to some of the fucking rap that the mainstream media is playing now eh??? He brings up some good arguments but he does step over the line once or twice or five times....but NOT THAT FAR OVER!!!
Grunge kids call Hair Metal fans arrogant and self - centered and theyre the ones whining about their problems all the time to us...would you rather go through life happy or sad??take the right turn and get yasself some fuckin motley crue, skid row, ratt, whitesnake, scorpions, etc.
by METAL HEALTH! September 06, 2005
1. basically crap
2. basically crappy music listened to by liberal jerkholes all about "ooooooh my life is so depressing....its all about me .....im such a cockyassed bitch who only cares about myself......cry" They pride themselves in saying that they brought an end to hair metal but hey they didnt. Hair Metal's downfall was for the most part internal. They kinda killed themselves see my definition for hair metal
Grunge kid: Life sucks so im going to listen to my depressing music
METAL HEALTH!: you jerk its all about you isnt it you pussyassed bitch stop whining about your goddamn life al the time
by METAL HEALTH! September 06, 2005

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