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bitch;noun; is how you refer to a female you are having a confrontation with. also how a female refers to herself when in a heated argument. basically because she feels like she is top dog and she letting the other person know her attitude is bad and she will fight if necessary. also referred to a female who does alot of talking, but scared to fight. also, referred to any person who get out of line with you.
girl 1: excuse, me. but why the hell are you all in my man face

girl2: boo, he ain't actin; like yo man tonight

girl1: bitch. don't play wit' me,(to boyfriend)bitch i will slap the shit outta you. don't even fuckin' play

girl2: who you calling a bitch, bitch. you don't even know me like that.

girl1: even more reason to call you one, bitch

girl2: bitch, you ain't ready

girl1: naw, you ain't ready. 'cause you dunn ran up on the right bitch on the wrong day.

girl2: whatever, bitch. i ain't even gonna fight you.

girl1: yeah 'cause you already know what time it is.

girl2: whatever

girl: yeah, like i thought, bitch
by MELISSA HARRIS December 31, 2006

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