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Orginization originating in the Western United states in the summer of june 2004.
It is an orginization that shall not be messed with because anyone who shall challenge the orginization wltp shall live in fear for the rest of their lives.In othe words just don't even think about challenging us because we have recruits all over the continental united states & in all the foreign countries around the world. ( if you would like to be a recruit e-mail me & I will send you some info & application & you shall be kept posted on new info )
me and my fellow leaders of the orginization.
by MELISSA ( PART OF THE WLTP ) December 09, 2004
All you people who we see & ain't a part of the
You cause you ain't unless you wltp!!!!
by MELISSA ( PART OF THE WLTP ) December 08, 2004
wltp seeing you or what is nasty on you !!!!

( originated in the orginization of wltp in 2004 )
used for eknowledging you yourself or for saying that we see what is nasty on you!!!!
if we see you we say it!!!!

sabrina & wltp

( wltp sees sabrina gomes then we say....)
I see you
by MELISSA ( PART OF THE WLTP ) December 09, 2004
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