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The rare condition in which oneself is both categorised by being smart and athletic. This extremely rare occurrence can be further broken down into two categories.

I. Nertathlete: This nertathlete through no fault of their own is invariably a social awkward. Because they are good at both being smart and athletic they are unable to constitute being social at the same time. This is not a problem however as they are generally well mannered and liked by most people even though they have poor social skills.

II. Nertathlete 2.0: An improvement on the Nertathlete, and rarer still then the original. The 2.0 version exhibits social ability and generally is capable of communication with others and being cool. Because 2.0 version exhibit social ability, they may be disliked by some people as per the like/dislike paradox.
"That kid, is he a nertathlete or nertathlete 2.0?"

"I don't know, go ask him. If he stumbles at being socially interacted with we know what the answer is."
by MCJesC 2.0 October 11, 2008

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