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When someone shits and pukes at the same time. This horrific and awe-inspiring act is generally accomplished in a friends bathroom after a night of heavy drinking.
"Oh man, did you see Crazy G last night? She got The Dirty Double in my car. I'm never gonna get that smell out."
by MC Nutreal July 06, 2006
When someone farts and burps at the same time. This is a legendary move and very hard to accomplish.
"I got The Double last night after washing down a 24 ounce can of beans with a two liter of root beer!"
by MC Nutreal July 06, 2006
a word that expresses displease or not-goodness. mep can be used as a noun, adjective, basically anything that can show displeasure
After Karen drove over a bump in the road she said, "Mep," but then later denied it.
"I don't like what the mep is going on here."
"I got mepped at the used car lot."
"Ah, mep the meppin meppers."
by MC Nutreal July 06, 2006
Gunit is a magical word. It can take the place of any other word to make a sentence sound more disgusting, perverse or hilarious. Legend says that there is an order of knights who say this word.
"Hey, did you see the size of that girl's gunit?"
"Get that slimy, malformed gunit out of my mouth!"
"Hey, I heard Ralph laid a fat gunit on the hood of Bertha's car."
"Yo, that song was mad gunit!"
"You best watch what you say, I'll gunit you all over the pavement."
"Did you see that gunit? They gunitted my mother's gunit last night! That shit was real gunit."
by MC Nutreal July 06, 2006

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