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n. a female hermaphrodite, who has the legs and tits or a woman, but the balls of a man, hence Balls, Legs, Titties, or BLT.
Whoa dude, that chick is packin a sack! Must be a BLT.
#hermaphrodite #chick #balls #legs #titties
by MC Derf & gjelstiznles August 17, 2006
n. the end of the virtual worlds as we know them, a time when the rednecks from Xbox Live invade other games, possibly with mic capabilities.
ex. FFXI
Redneck: "Hey you fuckin nerds, you tank that shit while i go get drunk and beat my wife."
FFXI Nerd# 1: "..."
FFXI Nerd# 2: "Oh no...its the Xbocalypse..."
#redneck #xbox #idiots #apacalypse #online
by MC Derf & gjelstiznles August 17, 2006
n. a bunch of n00bs on World of Warcraft, but still not as n00b or retarded as the Alliance.
"DOODE! U alliancezorz r t3h weaksauce! T3H WHORDEZORZ 4 1IFE!"
#alliance #horde #wow #nerds #n00bs
by MC Derf & gjelstiznles August 17, 2006
n. a sexual position achieved by having sex with a japanese man/woman, by rising their ass up in the air, pouring Soy sauce/saki all over the anus, proptly inserting the penis, and thrusting from the pelvis.
My chick is japanese, so she did a handstand on the bed, while I poured saki all over her ass, and gave her a rising sun.
#japanese #handstand #anal sex #saki #soy sauce
by MC Derf & gjelstiznles August 17, 2006
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