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1 definition by MC Cat

There is no way that I can beat the definition of Chica Bonita that my funky fresh flygirl already defined. I mean....Jessica Germany is THE cHiCa BoNiTa!! In order for you to even TRY to be a Chica Bonita you have to play water polo, have a pact, dress up as a geek and a witch on halloween, go to Budget Driving School and have Adolfo as your teacher, go and watch the scariest movies at the theater (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Gothika), be incredibly popular, make fun of really boring people, be a member of a rap group, be bootylicious, eat WAY too much popcorn, and there is so much more. Nobody should even attempt to do all these things so they can try to be a Chica Bonita because it's just not possible and will only cause a great amount of disappointment in oneself.
There is just no way that anyone other than Jessica and Catriona could be a Chica Bonita. Unfortuneately for the rest of the world it is just not possible. Sorry everyone.
by MC Cat December 27, 2003