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The act of vaginal penetration that is only accomplished by first penetrating through the denim of a girl's jeans. Usually done out of sheer excitement, and uninhibited anticipation. See double denetration
Daamn, that girl's booty is lookin' so fine. Fuck getting her naked I'm about to pull some denetration.
by MC (Sin)atra January 21, 2008
Denetration two a new level, in which the male not only penetrates through the female's denim jeans, but his own as well, inciting the penetration of two layers of denim jeans, hence double. See denetration
Daaaammn that girl's booty is too nice to wait on. Fuck, getting her naked, in fact, fuck getting me naked, its time for double denetration.
by MC (Sin)atra January 21, 2008
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