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a person who gives fast good oral sex
that tramp give me some smokin head and it was amazing
by MARIO ELLIS August 29, 2007
A person who trys to trick you or someone who act like they forgot to pay up.
You: Where is my money?
Person: I will give it to you tomorrow.
You: Don't make me put a foot in your ass.
Person: I promise, I will.
You: Ok, you better watch it or be a victim.

tomorrow never comes. thats a junky stunt.
by MARIO ELLIS August 29, 2007
a person head is going up and down sucking dick.
hey man did that girl give you some good yo-yo
by MARIO ELLIS August 29, 2007
a person who see a lot of money going into someone else pocket and makes a plan to bring the money to there pocket.
look at those guys selling all that stuff. I going change the game on the game on them.
by MARIO ELLIS August 29, 2007

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