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Grungers DO NOT skate! skaters skate!(duh), Grungers listen to rock (all kinds!) except pop rock! and emo! Emo's for EMOS! and pop rocks for wanna be avrils! (GAH)
grungers are normally guys, but there are plenty girl grungers (like moi HAHAHAHA)
How to tell if some-one's a grunger :
1. They wear baggy clothes, hoodies, chains, and t-shirts with band names on them (usually!)
2. They don't say innit or blud! (because they aren't retards)
3. Most grungers play an instrument, wether it may be a guitar, base or drums! it doesn't matter! (most grungers sing if they don't play an instrument)
monobrow chav (mbc): hey look at that stupid grunger, GET SOME STRAIGHTNERS FRIZZY GIRL
other chav : hehehehe (pathetic obviously fake laughter)
Marc the unicredible (mtui) (me) : like i wanna look like you, and anyway i don't really care what my hair looks like! retards
mbc : obviously
other chav: ye like so obviously!
mtui : don't you mean obvious?
other chav : er
mbc : SHAUP
mtui : huh?
JAMES! : SHAUP init blud gimmie sum gangsta luvin blud!
mtui : oo im up for that! (and off goes marc the unicredible with James the wonderboy and we go do things! cough)
by MARC the unicredible May 09, 2005

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