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A Cockney backwards slang term for beer.
"A pint of reeb, and be nippy!"
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003
1) American slang (circa 1990s) for a pair of tight, short-cut blue-jean shorts worn by women to emphisize their legs and buttocks. Eponymously derived from the clothing worn by the character Daisy Duke on the popular(?)80s hicksplotation show _The Dukes of Hazzard_.
2) British rhyming slang for shoes. Derived from boots (shoes)= daisy roots, shortened to daisies.
1) "Man, those daisies are so tight on her ass they must've been painted on."
2) "Check out the flash daisies I got. I found 'em in the tube on a dead buskerwho was lying next to a broken guitar and a sheaf a' sheetmusic labeled 'The Best of Stryper'..."
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003
A derogatory term for an underage girl. Derived from the white cotton underpants worn by girls too young to buy their own lingerie.
"Man, avoid that Tiffany chick. She may look old enough but she's nothing but a white-pants jailbait DT punchcard.
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003
A promiscuous person who has many sexual partners. Refers to a pass (most commonly used on commuter trains, subways and amusement parks) with ovals printed on it that indicate the number of times it can be used before a new ticket needs to be bought. Every time it is used, the ticket taker uses a paper punch to cut a hole in the ticket. Indicates that the person is like the paper ticket: cheap, good for a ride, used in all holes, considered disposable by the user, and discarded after it's all used up and worthless.
1) "Lyle is here? That punchcard better stay away from my boyfriend!"
2) Everyone at the party slept with Joan, giving her the unenviable reputation of being a punchcard.
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003
British slang for fancy or expensive-looking.
"That's a flash fawney ya got mate. It'd be a shame if I ha' tae break yer finger af tae get it."
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003
The practice of reversing the letters in a word and pronouncing the result phonetically (often changing the original spelling). A popular code used by London's lower classes and the criminal element to make their speech unintelligible to outsiders.
Police = Esclop.
Beer = Reeb.
Woman = Nammo.
Weed = Dew.
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003
1) American military slang for adolescent hit-and-run thieves in occupied countries who grab anything not well-secured or well-guarded. The most common item stolen are soldier's sunglasses (like Ray-Bans and Gargoyles, thus the term.
By extension, the term is also used for adolescent refugees and beggars.
"The locals have a trick where they leave a string of Ray-Ban Bandits by the convoy routes to beg for food or steal anything that falls off the trucks. Then they beat the poor starving bastards and take the stuff away from them so they can sell it on the black market..."
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003

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