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The opposite of a hopeless romantic. The hopeful romantic is someone who loves the idea of love, but also lives in the real world. They see the world as full of possibilities to find their love. They know that they will find someone to love, or may have already found that someone. They see the world optimistically because they know from experience that things are pretty good. Hopeful romantics take their time, don't rush into things and, instead, play the field.
"I love Ben Lee's music. He's such a hopeful romantic."

Person 1: "Dude, you've been single for six months. Why are you so happy?"
Person 2: "What can I say? I'm a hopeful romantic."
by M4d Baumer September 18, 2010
The control room of one's mind, where they can control their emotions and bodily functions. These controls are generally in the form of large dials and knobs, though can occasionally be seen as sliders or other mechanisms. Originally in Stephen King's Dark Tower series.
Last night I went to the Dogan 'cause I was feeling down and turned the Happy/Sad knob to 6 Happy.
by M4d Baumer January 03, 2010
The breaking of one's ka-tet. This is generally caused by a death of one of the members. It is signified by a deep foreboding feeling that all members can feel. As coined in Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series.
I'd been feeling ka-shume all day, then I got the call that my wife died in a car accident.
by M4d Baumer June 08, 2010
The rage that one gets filled with when they get very annoyed by the numerous unnecessary words used in Biology.
Person 1: "Yo, did you finish that Bio packet yesterday?"

Person 2: "No, man. I got halfway done, flew into a Bio Rage, and tore the damn thing in half."
by M4d Baumer April 04, 2010
When seeing a hot girl or thinking about one gives you an erection. Used jokingly to exaggerate the size of one's penis.
"Great, thinking about you in a swimsuit just made me break my zipper."

Guy 1: "Dude, did you see that chick?"
Guy 2: "Yeah, dude! I just broke a zipper!"
by M4d Baumer June 15, 2010

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