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133t or |337 is an online language mostly used by computer geeks. it changes letters of words into numbers or characters that look the like the letter. for example.

"i am speaking leet" would be translated into "1 4m 5p34k1n6 |337", or in 'uber leet' "1 @|\/| $|*3@|<1|\|6 |33+"

uber leet is much more complicated and is used by leet ha><orz.
Bill: Leet speak is for geeks.

Geek: wh47 4r3 y0u 74|k1n6 4b0u7 n00b, |337 5p34k 15 7h3 c00|357 7h1n6 3v3r. 17 0wn5 4nd y0u 5uck. 1 4m 4 |337 h4x0r.
by M1k3 Hun7 August 03, 2005

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