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The act of napping and snuggling with a friend.
A Conflation of Nap and Snuggle
George: (on the phone) "Heyy Condi, whatcha doin tonite? Wanna come over and napuggle".
Condi: "Urgh, I'm washing my hair tonight, again. Please stop calling".
by M1LRTYM ! November 26, 2010
The act of declaring one's adoration for the works of CS Lewis, the Narnia trilogy
George: "Check out Condi, she's rocking an Aslan T-shirt"
Barry: "I guess she's 'coming out of the wardrobe', at last"
George: "Condi, that's some fucked up subversive bigoted shit shit. Take that shit off"
by M1LRTYM ! November 26, 2010

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