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Any middle aged Korean or Asian woman who works in an inner city store owed by Asians, Koreans, or Chinese. The store can be a convenience store, stop and go beer & deli, discount dollar store, hair weave store, or a corner chinese take out. It is usually located in low income neighborhoods, although some may be in downtown or upper middle class areas or shopping malls. The woman's name does not have to be (and usually isn't) Kim, however because the actual name is probably hard to pronounce in english, Miss Kim is the easiest substitute.
Tysheekah: Hey Miss Kim, you still got that Remy on sale.
Miss Kim: Oh yes girl, you know I-a-gotta your favorite-a- color. Sun-a-shine A-Yellow. You knoe it look-a-so good on you.
Tysheekah: You know it do gurl!!!!!

Hamid: (Tapping on plexiglass with coin) YO!!! Miss Kim!!! I need 2 40's of 211. Come on!!
Miss Kim: Stop yelling in the store. I heard you
Hamid: Just get my beer bitch and hurry up!!!
Miss Kim: I got-a your bitch. Now get out. No beer for you today!
Hamid: Bitch i will kill yo.....
(Miss Kim reaches for her loaded .22)
Hamid: Damn Miss Kim!!! My bad!! I'm leavin....
by M.J. Wright May 08, 2010

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