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3 definitions by M.A.D

Another term for stunna shades, used when going hyphy.

See hyphy
See crunk
See E-40
See aviators
Yo, they some pimp coonnas you rockin' man.

Yeah man!
by M.A.D January 13, 2007
Verb: Gooting or to goot is the action of licking your nipples.

This usually is done by woman but can also be done by fat or very flexible men.
I bet Brittany goots, she looks flexible.
by m.a.d June 01, 2014
A way of saying a girl has a camel toe, whilst keeping it silent. Replaces some letters with "er" sounds.
Whoa! She has a huge Kerma Ter!
by M.A.D October 01, 2006