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very similar to the crack monkey, the ghetto goblin is often found roaming 'hoods, parking lots, ect looking for money or merchandise to sell for drugs. They will steal everything from ashtray change to lawn equipment to burnt CD's to try and support their habit.
Did anyone see the ghetto goblin that stole the change and CD's out of my car?
#crack monkey #crack head #thief #drug addict #hustler
by M. Logan November 27, 2006
Similiar to a crack monkey, a ghetto gobblin doesn't necessarily have to be addicted to crack, but exhibits similar traits. They can be found wandering the ghetto and usually up to no good.
Did anyone see the ghetto gobblin who stole the change outta my ashtray?
#crack monkey #hood rat #crackhead #chicken head #heater head
by M. Logan November 19, 2006
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