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A fully object-oriented programming language. Despised by some, it does not compile to machine code as most languages do, but rather to some "bytecode" that is interpreted by the Java Virtual Machine, which is basically emulation no matter what Sun says. Java programs run relatively slowly, but the syntax is pretty easy, and based on C and C++.
Java is a slow mid-level programming language.
System.out.println ("This is java.");
by M Daniell August 01, 2004
To place far more people into a vehicle than said vehicle is designed for- e.g. 20 people in a minivan or 150 in a 17' skiff or raft. Originates in the practice of doing this by the Haitians, often trying to escape from that shithole to Florida on ill-equipped rafts and boats.
Look at that haitian-packed van! There must by 20 people in there.
by M Daniell November 20, 2004
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