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A condition in which the afflicted can only speak the language of crazy, including ridiculous neuroses and a focus on bizarre, incomprehensible drama. The most pronounced and obvious symptom of craziness, esp. in females.
Your boyfriend is making you crazy. You have sexually transmitted crazy mouth.
by M B I May 18, 2009
N. A long period of sobriety sustained by a heavy drinker.
--"So, how goes the sober binge?"
--"Ugh... I think I'm about to reach my limit."
by M B I February 26, 2009
a) The general feeling of unpleasantness felt by alcoholics in the morning after a night of trying to sleep without the aid of intoxicants
Ugh... I couldn't sleep last night 'cause I hadn't had any beers and now I've got a wicked sobriety hangover.
by M B I February 26, 2009
Inability to recognize homosexuals. Lack of gaydar. Typically used in reference to girlfriends/wives of gay men.
Uh, your boyfriend is totally gay. You have an obvious case of fruit blindness.
by M B I May 14, 2009
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