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Mistress of any homosexual monarch. Controls the minds of gullible people as "her" Drones, known as Femi-Drones. Other common aliases include Feminem, Slim Anus, Saddaminem, and Emladen.
"Hail to Queen Fem and Princess Dre!"
by M&M killa October 04, 2003
Emladen, Femladen, Feminem, Faginem, Slim Gaydy, Slim Penis.
White boy rapper who eloped with Saddam Hussein. Also known as Emladen for that matter, as Feminem(Emladen) supports terrorism.
Saddaminem is Saddam's and Osama bin Laden's bitch.
by M&M killa October 04, 2003
Original phrase that produces "emninem" when flipped, thus becomes Eminem. One of the possible reasons of how Feminem came out with his disgustingly queer stage name.
"Hmmm, men in me.. i got it! I'm gona tell Dre 'bouta mah name!"
by M&M killa October 04, 2003
False rapper with false claims in his musical "works". Tricks the stupid majority of the world into his money schemes. Commonly known as Eminem and Feminem. Other aliases inlcude Slim Shady, Slim Anus, Slim Gaydy and Slim Penis.
Shaminem tells 50 Shits how to be a "real" thug.
by M&M killa October 04, 2003
Eminem aka Feminem if he really was an M&M. Candy coated with hardened semen, filled with faeces(feces). Exterior marked with a "Fem&m" instead of "m"
Wow! Fem&m's taste like shit! I'll have to get his CD!
by M&M killa October 04, 2003

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