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47 definitions by M Hiss

An affectionate nickname for a person who is kind and loving but has a dominating and controling personality.


A guy who comes back to his home town after being gone for 10 years and stumbles on what used to be a beautiful and undeveloped beach that has recently been covered with tacky development and private property signs:
"The things you see without your boogozer."

by M Hiss March 30, 2008
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Opportunity cost disater or OCD is when the opportunity cost of the strategy that is choosen is greater in extent than a certified disaster would be. In many cased net loss of opportunity is huge, way beyond what occurs in a normal disaster.

Even when things are great and everyone is happy with the chosen alternative like some people are with urban sprawl, the lost opportunity of the strategy can be so large that it equals or surpassses a legally defined disaster or disaster area.
The Iraq war is an opportunity cost disaster. There are a lot of bad ideas out there but these guys put a lot of thought into making it this bad. I can't think of much worse of an alternative, but I am sure they will, as it is getting worse all the time.

Some people living in this urban sprawl think they are in paradise but this is a total opportunity cost disaster. A hurricane wipes out the crops but sprawl eventually wipes out the farm houses and crop land, covers the best soil, eliminates the ecology and native plants and animals, and put's it in a tomb of concrete and asphalt. You can everywhere but it will cost 10 dollars in gas there is no there there.
by M Hiss March 28, 2008
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Airstream motor home or travel trailer. They come in all sizes. Often driven or towed behind the cars or trucks of snow birds or tourists.
Ronnie: Hey man look at that aluminum turd going all over the road.

Donnie: Damn, you better slow down and let the snow bird pass, don't want get that turd all over your truck.
by M Hiss March 30, 2008
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Lacking any of the qualities of amazing. The inability of something to spark amazement.
I went to a party the last night and met the most amazingless people ever. I could barely keep my eyes open.

I could never imagine how amazingless these people were without meeting them. They were totally unenthusiastic.
by M Hiss June 01, 2013
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Start in my backyard
NIMBY's know what they don't want. SIMBY's know what they do want and take good ideas and actively support or try them at home or in their community.
by M Hiss May 31, 2011
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A decision made by Senator John McCain, which shows a complete lack of rational thought. A decision that would exclude him from consideration for higher or lower office.
Did you know that McCain just said he was going to keep troops in Iraq for 100 years.

Yes, that's a No McCainer.
by M Hiss August 30, 2008
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Teenage monster.
When I took my little monsteen's phone away from her she went on ballistic rampage and started yelling rape in the car. When we got to our home the SWAT team greeted us with full show of force, including a police helicopter.
by M Hiss December 27, 2011
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