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Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones (Sep.1973- ?)

Hip-hop's most revered lyricist, known for his smooth delivery and "oh so real" lyrics. Set the foundation for 90's rap. Nas, the streets salute you!
"Who is the king of New York?"

by Lyric Allanis March 26, 2004
Close friends, group of people who are loyal to you, care for you like family
"Cas got locked up, call his tribe to get him out"
by Lyric Allanis March 26, 2004
Minneapolis, Minnesota
City located in Midwest North America
"Where did the lakers originally get traded from?"

"The city of 10,000 lakes, MPLS"
by Lyric Allanis March 26, 2004
Classic original crisp clean shoes; (shelltoes, dunks, chucks, reeboks, etc)
Yo im bout to go cop some scooby doos from Footlocker.
by Lyric Allanis March 26, 2004
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