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the act of combining memorizing with an experience that makes the information stay in your head long term, and allows you to recall it...especially long after you've taken a test.
You can memorize your times tables, but when you get to Algebra, you better LEARNORIZE that ish, or you won't make it past cashier at McDonalds.

America better get wit the program. Barack had to teach Hilary, and y'all didn't get it. Now he bout to LEARNORIZE McCain on November 4th.
#long-term memory #deep understanding #getting educated #experiencial learning #mental glue #newest learning technique
by Lybroan "Mathman" James October 12, 2008
the science of combining English and mathematics to solve problems. Using each subject as a bridge to learn the other.
To englimatize basic mathematics, think of +, -, x. / as verbs. They are the action words in math problems. The 'numbers' are the 'nouns'. Students should always begin by identifying the nouns and the associated verbs to understand what 'actions' need to take place.

When writing an essay or doing math homework, look for the connecting Englimatics to make both assignments easier to complete.
#math #learning #subject association #english #teaching technique
by Lybroan "Mathman" James October 12, 2008
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