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Any undertaking that exists only to justify its own existence rather than to serve a productive purpose.
The government school has become a self-eating watermelon that exists to "socialize" the student so he can co-exist with other students in the government school.
by Luther Setzer November 21, 2008
to integrate perceptual concretes along false common denominators (such as racism or mysticism) so as to form false concepts and propositions (such as the Aryan Master Race or the Second Coming of Christ)
"Thus emotions may skew our attention to external objects or cause us to misintegrate perceptual awareness, thus leading to poor judgments." -- Bryan Register, "The Logic and Validity of Emotional Appeal in Classical Greek Rhetorical Theory: What is an Emotion?"
by Luther Setzer October 07, 2008
Pretty Fucking Miserable
The PFM food served in the NCSSM cafeteria makes me and my friends order pizza five times a week.
by Luther Setzer March 13, 2011
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