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Neo-sen (Neo:new, and Sen:old)


1. New to you, but relativity old to the rest of the world.

Now before you go clicking the thumbs down button because the word sounds like Neosporin, or clicking it down because you feel you can't fit it into a sentence without feeling like a dyslexic at spelling bee, try to empathize with evolution.

When Youtube first came out, you can imagine how dumb it would of been to use in a normal conversation at the time. Kind of like using neosen now.

It sounds weird but all it needs is to be used in common vernacular speech. And for that to happen It needs to be a "needed" word, and if you just take this moment to reflect I bet you could find a place for it in your daily banter at least once.
"Hey, Check out this neosen env2 I just got."

I just got a neosen 2002 Freelander SE package.
by Lummpy pillow May 17, 2010
Words that are related in their combination of button strokes, usually on a phone's number-pad and with T-9 or similar methods.
For example the number combination 4663 yields: home, gone, and good. Or 63 yields: of and me, these words would be textonyms of each other.
by Lummpy pillow May 17, 2010
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