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A form of Tourette's syndrome where the individual with the disorder expresses his or her tic through digital means. This generally results with a multimedia transmission, but occasionally is expressed using 'phonic' typed messages.
Johnny just had another tic. His text message stated "Weehaahhhhh *Flaps Arms*" He has a serious case of digital tourette's syndrome.
by Luke of Ander April 23, 2011
Adjective: Describes an object or event that is considered good for an individual or group of individuals, but only at the expense of another.
Joe somehow slipped on a banana peel, and the whole classroom rolled in laughter at the terrapic event.
by Luke of Ander November 01, 2010
Acronym: Electronically Transmitted Virus

Refers to any form of algorithm that uses technology as the primary medium of transportation maliciously.
Scott plugged his iPod into his friends computer. This act resulted with Scott's iPod's memory being erased due to an ETV.
by Luke of Ander January 21, 2011

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