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when God breaks the mould
hense the perfect specimin

notice the misspelling^^yes i know its hence
by luke skywalker October 20, 2004
the act of walking like a wanksta type of gangsta.
"Yo, look at that idiota trying to style his Fadidas."
"Yeah, he can't even pull it pff with penguineyetist. Let's jump his broke crack ass."
by Luke Skywalker March 24, 2004
a mitten queer by the name of Zubia who is an expert face pirate.
" Hey fool, isn't that dude a zoomtard on four legs?"
"No fool, just look at his crusty, nappy, and tacky t-shirt. That fool is a gayasszubia. Let's jump his slow crack."
by Luke Skywalker March 23, 2004
1) uses to many clichayyyyyyyyys

2) obsessed with wonderthmaaal and shmoasis becos "i have brothers"

3) the eyes (those wandering eyes)(i love eyes me)

4)listing everything

5)words of wisdom for the days to come: "...and the piper will lead us to reason"

6) word
aka the original lank xylophone
by luke skywalker October 20, 2004
a mitten queer by the name of "Zubia" and is an expert face pirate.
Isn't that Zubia a zoomtard?
Of course not, just look at his tacky crusty shirt, that fool is a gayasszubia.
by Luke Skywalker March 22, 2004
(ultra immence name)(gotta love that word)(word)
"who are you?"
"me? Oh im' shlomo"
by luke skywalker October 21, 2004
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