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1337 means leet or elite in leet speak. leet speak is a language created by substituting letters with symbols or numbers. this language is reserved for the uppermost tier of gamers.
the previous paragraph in leet:

1337 /\/\34n5 1337 r 31i73 1n 1337 5p34k. 1337 5p34k i5 4 14n9_493 cr3473d 8y 5_857i7_7in9 13773r5 wi7h 5y/\/\815 r n_/\/\83r5. 7hi5 14n9_4g3 i5 r353rv3d fr t3h _p3r/\/\57 7i3r f 94/\/\3r5.


\/\/7!!1!one11! j00 h4ve 833n 0\/\/n3d!!!! I @m t3h U83r H4><r!!11!!!111!one!!2!@!11!!
by Lukas "n3kr0nk1d December 24, 2006

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