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Thug Lifes (TLs) are Non-African American juveniles -- typically from the middle class -- that attempt to embrace the hip-hop/rap culture by wearing baggy clothing, ERA hats with the sticker still on the bill, Air Force Ones, and large polo shirts with horizontal stripes. Additionally, they fuse their everyday language with Ebonics, in an attempt to sound "ghetto." They also acquire tapered fades, thus emulating their African-American counterparts.

Socially, they attempt to act "hard" even when surrounded by perfectly well-groomed kids. Psychologically, they actually believe that they are either African-American or truly embrace the ghetto life, when the closest they will ever get to that realm is listening to Tupac CDs.

Within the White, Asian, and Latino cultures, these kids are known as wiggas, chiggas, and miggas, respectively.
Thug Lifes (TLs) are also known as Chiggas or Wiggas; Kevin Federline; Eminem; your local White, Latino, or Filipino kid with an ebonics accent and tapered fade; Miguelito from Antioch, CA.
by Luis from SF January 17, 2008
Strip club off Broadway in San Francisco, CA. The establishment typically hires hoodrats from the Bay Area, but once in a while you can find a really hot chick. The club has a VIP area, which is a joke. At least now, they have servers that bring you non-alcoholic drinks.

On any given night of the week, you are likely to find Luie and Paulie hanging around talking to the girls or freely working the door.
-Hey man, are we going to Little Darlings (LDs), you know, LDs tonight? I hear Natasha is going to be working the pole.
by Luis from SF January 21, 2008

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