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2 definitions by Luis Reyna

The act of a female placing her genitalia on the forehead or face of another person in order to create sexual humiliation and to assert dominance over another. The female equivalent of teabagging.
Chun Li is cabbage heading T. Hawk after she whupped his ass in a street fight.
by Luis Reyna January 17, 2009
A sickening description of a toilet being filled with diarrhea, period blood, and vomit, all from the same sitting. A rare occurrence in society, it can created by women and qualifies as one of the most pride filled moments in a woman's life. This creates one of the most beautiful and colorful flushes known to man.
Little did Kaylee know but eating that foot long burrito would lead to the first of two toilet stews in her lifetime.

Taylor sure was a hefty woman, she was known for making a mean toilet stew.
by Luis Reyna June 01, 2009