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A person of hispanic background who tries to emulate the mannerisms of ghett Black people. Such said mannerisms can be that of imitation of language, baggy clothing, and the "pimping" of their cars. Most prevalent among these mannerisms is the use of the word "nigga" in order to refer to one another although they are most obviously not black. Although trying to become a ghetto black person, they most heatedly defend what they believe to be their own culture, one that has become unrecognizable due to the amalgamation of black and spanish urban culture.
Lean Back lyrics by Fat Joe(a spigger):
I don't give a fuck 'bout your fault or mishappenin's,
Nigga we from the Bronx, New York... shit happens,
Kids clappin' love to spark the place,
Half the niggas on the squad got a scar on they face,
It's a cold world, and this is ice,
Half a mil' for the charm, nigga this is life.
by Luis Elric November 02, 2005

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