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8 definitions by LuckyDrunk

you only life on twitter meaning you waste your time on twitter instead doing something with your friends in real life
Jonathan forgot the time on the PC instead of going with his best friend Greg to a party of a friend of them so he came up with an lame excuse just to continuing on twitter so he was so twolo
by LuckyDrunk February 20, 2013
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a cutenamil is an animal so cute that the viever no matter of which gender he or she is falls in love with
the parents wet to the zoo with her little daughter as she discovered the pandabear the little girl fellt in love with him her parents couldnt get rid of her from the slide because she admired her cutenamil
by LuckyDrunk January 25, 2013
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when you took an picture with your camera or iphone and notice it looks good on the first sight but if you look cloesly enough you see and notice things that shouldn't be on an foto/picture but looks awesome as well.
Tom: hey steven i took a picture of the amusement park i was in at Monday

Steven: hey Tom yeah you seem to have fun on that one but hey who is this man in the mirror?

Tom: Man in the mirror?

Steven: yeah take a look

Tom: oh yeah ahhh now i see it he looks kinda spookey i think i've took an ghostpicture,wait i upload this on twitter and facebook.
by LuckyDrunk January 21, 2013
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so the day is long and you forgot to buy something from the store/supermarket and out of all bad things you have to stand in line then people let you kindly for but then you get to the wrong person no matter if it is a male or feamale person and then..yeah you got an cash desk fight(argument) about nittygrittys
the people in the supermarket stood long in line suddenly two unknown strangers started an argument about little things...and the conversation found no ending so this got the people behind the two arguers mad and was an great example for an cash desk argument
by LuckyDrunk January 21, 2013
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getting lollypoped means receiving an blowjob by a beautiful woman so your lolly(dick,cock,shlong etc) getting poped (sucked)
Jerome was invited to a friends party after drinking a few drinks out of an red plastic cup he decide to snatch one of the ladys to get it on with her so they locked theireselves up and Jerry was about getting lollypoped
by LuckyDrunk January 20, 2013
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a girl so hot and sexy you want to be with but she decides with whom she is
Lars tried to get the highscore bitch but unfortuantly she was a number to big for him and he burned his fingers
by LuckyDrunk March 03, 2013
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personas hating on other people for sharing theire lifes in social networks like twitter,facebook,myspace,blogs and so on these people you can consider as "Social network hater" but in fact that these people do the same thing and honestly nobody forces you to read what other people,do,think or expierience it's just community sites so calm down damn it!
The Social Network Hater had nothing better to do then hating on little kids,teenagers,hardworking people,poors,elderly folks and human being's in generall

Hater: i hate that picture of these two girls having a blast i think i m gonna write a hater comment under the picture

Hater 2: yo buddy and the entries of these young kid get me mad,i think i'm gonna tell him to fuck himself.
by LuckyDrunk January 16, 2013
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