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Scenes usually have brown, white blonde, normal blonde hair is fine too, and black . They wear tu-tu's, & they aren't like emos, you could say. They wear colorful stuff, for example.

Blue tu tu, Pink nailpolish, Neon green shirt.

Some wear coontails, which are kinda like a raccoon design and a random color. Like..green.

Or they usually have 2+ hair colored extensions, sometimes real hair. Their hair is usually boob length, and their bangs are about to their eyes, sometimes you can't even see them.

Scene girls usually have another color on their underhairs. Likee, the hair under allll of yer otherr hair, lmfao

Like ferr example, if their is a white blonde, they USUALLY, not always, have black hair underneath .

Scene guys mostly have black hair, or brown hair mixed with blonde hair . & spiked up too . sometimes .

There are scene queens, which of course are the queens of all the scenes! They usually have REALLY poofy hair, in the back. Some might even havee pink hair !

They LOVE dinosaurs. They will wear dino shirtss. Carebear shirts, girly shirts mostly. Girls where either band shirts, er girly shirts. and skinny jeans .

& Guys wear sometimes robot shirts, and girl skinny jeans. Vans or converse is verryy popular for scenes.

They kinda use slanngg . & are pretty childish in a good way
GodzillaSCENER: Ohh maii god<3 Did yooh see maii hairr on myspacee ? (;

MyLittlePonyIFLY: FCK YEAH . -throws marshmellow-

GodzillaSCENER: WTFFF? lmfao♥ ilyy . dorkk<3

MyLittlePonyIFLY: I saww a spongebob episodee todayy :DD & spongebob ishh now maii oficial boyyfraand . got it ?

GodzillaSCENER: LMFAOOO ! mkay. he ishh all yours , but patrickk is all minee ! & hunnayy, i gott tah go . IFCKINGLOVEYOU!!
by LuckyCharmsFREAKK March 04, 2010

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