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aka The Killing Perfection. A inuyoukai (dog demon) and the Lord of the Western Lands. Older brother of the half-breed hanyou InuYasha, has a human ward Rin and a toad demon servant called Jaken. Has silvery-whitish hair up to his butt (yummy :]), golden/honey-amber eyes, blue crescent moon upon his forehead, pointy-elvish ears, retractable fangs and 2 violet-red/magneta stripes on his cheekbones. Known for his emotionless and stoic nature. Always cool, calm and collected and very arrogant with his You-aren't-even dirt-under-my-feet attitude. Mostly known as evil and battles his brother for the Tetsusaiga(?). Has Tenseiga and Toukijin and uses his poison whip and claws to attack.
Ex. I would like to tie Sesshoumaru down and do kinky things :D
by Luci Incarnate June 28, 2005
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