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5 definitions by Luap Sille

To take a crap at someones place and then leave.
Matt came to my house and left like the dumping bandit.
by Luap Sille March 07, 2005
16 4
A derivation of sbd this means Silent But Violent. A silent fart that is horrible.
Leroy let out a SBV and cleared out the room.
by Luap Sille May 03, 2005
14 5
A dude whose has a loud car stereo system. It could be good or bad.
Damn Leroy is the Ace of Base. or

Look at that asshole he thinks he is the Ace of Base.
by Luap Sille May 03, 2005
24 27
Known for having 12 National Championships (The NCAA gives us 17). 51 Bowl Appearances and 29 bowl wins (Both Records). 21 SEC Championships. The Greatest Football Coach of all time. U of A is no Harvard but is a Quality institution. But who counts how many College Jeopardy Championships you have.
Alabama has the the greatest football tradition. Some people complain about how we live in the past. But when you have a past to live in it is different.
by Luap Sille May 03, 2005
192 215
1. A zealous cry of political victory over one's contemporary political adversary.

2.To win the spoils in a bureaucratically oriented competition; victory over one's campaign competitor.

3."To 0wn", "to win", "to be the victor", "to brag about one's sexual exploits", "to claim victory" (especially in the area of sexual gratification)

Origin: Midwestern American Barack Obama
I Obama'd yo mama last night!

by Luap Sille May 04, 2005
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