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An asian-hermaphrodite wannabe, normaly listens & sings to Lady Gaga
Sam: Hey Gary, what you wanna do today?

Lady Gary: Just dance, it will be ok!

Sam:... wtf?
by Lowe-it man February 15, 2010
A term commonly used in the game, Gears of War 2, when you are downed by your opponent you have a short time where you may be revived by an ally.
Boomer: Boom!

*weird noise*

Marcus: REVIVE ME!
by Lowe-it man November 02, 2009
A term commonly used by people in vein, which concludingly means "Wasteman."
Jordan: Heard much from Samcp14 lately?

Calvin: Naa, what a wasteman!
by Lowe-it Man September 11, 2010
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