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Florida, the one place where the father north you go, the father south you end up. Always has and always will be filled with old people, fucking tourists and us rednecks. Great place to live if you in enjoy the shitty education, hot, hot and hotter weather, hurricanes,humidity, fatasses in speedo's, sea lice and tourists all year round. But if you can get past all of the shitty stuff, then its not so bad. My current home state and has been for my whole life. some of the good things about living in florida includes:: you can spend the whole day at disney and drive home the same day, i personally only own 2 pairs of shoesthe rest are flip-flops, were not as stuck up as you think, most of us who do live here live in towns most people who live in north florida have never heard of. It's here where you'll find your rednecks. We live for friday nights when we can get rowdy at the football game,even though we all know our tems not gonna break the 40 game losing streak, but that doesnt stop us. We live for the after partys of any semi-major/major event. Everyone knows all the good back roads to go down so you dont get caught drinking, and when you do get caught, everyone in the whole town includeing your parents know within 10 mintues. Hardly any of us down here use any other type of phone besides the nextel direct connect. if you use anythnig else, your labeled as a fucking loser. This is where we pray for it to rain during the week to that the mudholes fill up and where if you dont show up at c&n, it better be b/c someone died. this is where everyone has a gun in their truck, not for protection, but in case an alligator trys to eat your dog. Down here in florida everything we eat is all natural, for meat: we got plenty of cows and wild hogs in our back yard. For Drinks:: go out and pick the oranges and lemons growing in your front yard, or whip yup some of that good old swwet tea. we have it all here.

There's a saying my old math teacher used to say, and can be only used for people who live in my town, Lake Placid, or as we refer to it, the L-TO THE-P! the people who live here are very proud of our town,where every weekend we're out on one of the 15 or more lakes in town. lp, which has a pop. of about 1000-2000 people, and home of the caladium captiol of the world bitchess!

the saying the goes for us hicks heer in lp goes something like this,

eat more beef, drink more orange juice and buy more caladiums, its good for the soul!

Florida isnt the sunshine state, its the gunshine state.
by Lovin the Sunshinee July 10, 2008
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